• Would you like to donate clothes, toys or other items to the refugees waiting to register as asylum seekers at the Department of Immigration in Råde?
  • Would you like to donate to a refugee reception centre in Oslo?
    • The refugee reception centres in Oslo have received many donations, and currently have limited capacity to receive more. For more updated information and coordination, kindly visit the Facebook page: Refugees Welcome – Oslo.
  • Would you like to donate to other refugee reception centres in the country?
  • Would you like to donate clothing to volunteers who organise donations and provide assistance to boat-refugees by the Mediterranean Sea?
  • Would you like to donate clothes to refugees via the Salvation Army?


The list below was compiled by Dikemark refugee reception centre in Oslo, but may be applicable to other reception centres:

  • Clothes and shoes (children and adults)
    • There is a general need for all sorts of clothes and footwear for both children and adults. The following items are the most in demand at the moment: underwear (we only accept new underwear), socks, outdoor clothes such as: jackets, coats, raincoats and other waterproof clothing, rubber boots, winter boots, winter clothing such as: woollen hats, gloves, mittens, woollen sweaters, woollen scarfs, ski caps, and other clothes to keep warm.
  • Toiletries
    • Soap, sanitary pads and other sanitary products, diapers for infants
  • Equipment for children
    • Baby clothes and underwear, diapers, educational toys (no teddy bears or stuffed animals, please), strollers, prams, pushchairs, baby carriers/ shawls, car seats, blankets and beddings (we only accept new beddings, blankets and mattresses to avoid any risk of contagious infections, contamination and/ or bedbugs)
  • Food – Dry food products
    • Rice, pasta, flour, sugar, oil, canned food, coffee, tea, biscuits, or similar items
  • Furniture: Chairs, tables, sofas
    • Chairs, tables, sofas preferably new. If the furniture is second-hand, it must be thoroughly checked for (and free of) bedbugs/infestation prior to delivery.
  • Knitting, sewing, arts and crafts
    • Yarn, knitting needle and knitting supplies. Sewing thread, fabrics, sewing machines
    • Items for arts & crafts workshops/activities at the refugee reception centre

Sharing Expertise

  • People who would like to teach or organize activities such as dancing, yoga, or other forms of exercise or courses are welcome to get in touch with us.
  • Exercise and training equipment
    • Treadmills, spinning bikes, yoga mats and other equipment for the gym
  • Other types of equipment
    • Fishing equipment and ski supplies, recreational winter equipment for children and adults (such as sledges etc), kitchenware, umbrellas.