Free legal aid. Here you’ll find their website, which is available in Norwegian and Arabic (choose language in the menu on the right-hand side).

A form must be filled out in order for you to recieve help, and this is available in Norwegian and English (click on desired language).

Telephone number: 22842900

Address: Arbins gate 7 (Oslo)

The MiRA Centre (Oslo)

A meeting place for women and girls with minority backgrounds who are dedicated and active in their communities. They also provide free legal aid. Their website is available in Norwegian and English (click on the desired language).

Information about MiRA is available in several different languages, such as Arabic, Persian and Urdu (click on the desired language).

Telephone number: 22116920


Jurk (legal aid for women)

Jurk offers personalised legal assistance to women (such as legal information, legal and court-assistance in specific cases).

Here is their website. Here is their Facebook Page.

You can register your case here.

Here you’ll find information in English.

Telephone number: 22842950

Address: Arbins gate 7 (Oslo)