This page contains information and overview of items needed at the various refugee reception centres in Norway.

Shifting Needs at the Reception Centres

Some refugees reception centres are well-stocked, and must provisionally say no to new donations, others need particular items, while yet others are saying many thanks for anything you can donate. Below you will find a list of needs per region and reception center. Kindly note, that needs fluctuate and may shift fast.

Check for latest updates

Our goal is to update this page regularly. Still, we kindly ask that you check the reception center’s Facebook page or your RWTN local Facebook group insert link for the latest information about needs and capacity at the reception centre closest to you. The reception center’s Facebook page or your RWTN local Facebook group are likely to have the most updated information about the current needs for residents and the receptions centres’ capacity to receive donations.  Receptions Centres’ Facebook pages are listed below (whenever applicable) together with other contact information.

Check with the Reception Centre prior to delivery

Please, telephone the reception centre directly if you want to make a donation (you will find contact information listed further down). We kindly ask that you do not deliver donations without a prior agreement with the contact person at the reception Centre (unless otherwise specified in the list of receptions centres below).

There is a great need for volunteers

In general most reception centres report that they need volunteers to get involved in social work and in activities. What the residents THEMSELVES say is that most of all they want to have contact with Norwegians in daily life. Thus, we think that the best thing that those who wish to contribute should do is to be a good fellow citizen, spread positive attitudes, take the initiative to get to know them and invite them to activities outside the reception centre.

Important information for potential volunteers

All volunteers must contact the reception centre prior to making agreements with any residents about particular activities. The reception centres must at all times have an overview of the volunteer activities, who is involved (both volunteers and residents), and how to get in touch in case of an emergency. Kindly respect that many families may prefer to do activities all together, rather than be separated from one another.
Please note that those of you who wish to volunteer with minors must undergo a criminal record check and be able to provide a valid police attestation.

A general note on the items to be donated

We ask that everything delivered is clean and in good condition, and that you think through your donations before giving them. Unfortunately the reception centres have spent valuable time sorting out a number of donations that are rejected at once, because they are unsuitable. Please note that we only accept new underwear. We thank you for your interest in donating items and willingness to help.

You will find the list of reception centres on the map and at UDI (the Directorate of Immigration).

Please note that your local Facebook group or the Facebook group or web site of your local reception centre is likely to have the most updated information about the current needs for residents and the receptions centres’ capacity to receive donations. Do not rely on the information below as it is likely it is not updated.
Should you have you have information you have received from reception centres that ought to be available on this page, send an e-mail to webmaster [alfa]

General information on what reception centres require is also found here.


Bjørnebekk State Reception Centre, Ås

Kroerveien 50, 1430 Ås, Tel.: +47 64 97 49 60

“Generally filled up with clothes, bicycles and toys/games”.
Still needs: Hygienic articles (e.g. diapers), TVs, chests of drawers, children’s beds/cribs.
These can be delivered between 08 and 1530 hrs. See also: Facebook group Refugees Welcome to Akershus.
To volunteer please contact the reception centre or Redd Barna (Save the Children) who organizes volunteers in the Oslo area (for Torshov, Refstad and Bjørnebekk Reception Centres).

Dikemark Reception Centre, Asker

P.O. Box 25, Vardåsen, 1399 Asker, Tel.: 908 71 857

Clothes and shoes (children and adults): There is a general need for all sorts of clothes and footwear for both children and adults. The following items are the most in demand at the moment: underwear (we only accept new underwear), socks, outdoor clothes such as: jackets, coats, raincoats and other waterproof clothing, rubber boots, winter boots, winter clothing such as: woollen hats, gloves, mittens, woollen sweaters, woollen scarves, ski caps, and other clothes to keep warm.
Equipment for children: Baby clothes and underwear, diapers, educational toys (no teddy bears or stuffed animals, please), strollers, prams, pushchairs, baby carriers, harnesses, shawls, car seats, blankets and beddings (we only accept new beddings, blankets and mattresses to avoid any risk of contagious infections, contamination and/ or bedbugs).
Food: Dry goods – rice, pasta, flour, sugar, oil, tinned food, coffee, tea, biscuits
Furniture: Chairs, tables, sofas – preferably new. If the furniture is second-hand, it must be thoroughly checked for (and free of) bedbugs/infestation prior to delivery.
Knitting, sewing, arts and crafts: Yarn, knitting needle and knitting supplies. Sewing thread, fabrics, sewing machines. Items for arts & crafts workshops/activities at the refugee reception centre
Sharing Expertise: People who would like to teach or organize activities such as dancing, yoga, or other forms of exercise or courses for the residents are welcome to get in touch with us.
Exercise and training equipment: Treadmills, spinning bikes, yoga mats and other equipment for the gym.
Other types of equipment: Fishing equipment and ski supplies, recreational winter equipment for children and adults (such as sledges etc), indoor toys/games, kitchenware, umbrellas, toilet articles and sanitary articles.

Comment from the reception centre: You are welcome to get in touch with me by telephone or e-mail, then we can agree to meet, or you are heartily welcome to the reception centre during opening hours Monday to Friday 10:00- 14:00 hrs. Best regards Maimuna Sey, Residential and Activity Executive, Dikemark Reception Centre, Mobile : +47 41446224

Hvalstad Transit Reception Centre

Hvalstad Transit Reception Centre on Facebook.

Per 3. September: For those of you who wish to contribute something, we need winter clothing (jackets, footwear, woolly hats, scarves) trousers and hygienic articles such as toothpaste and deodorant. Otherwise we need unused underwear and socks. Our residents are young people between the ages of 15 and 18 so not everything will be suitable (A skiing jacket from 1982 or grandma’s old sandals would certainly be more suitable for somewhere else).
We are here 24 hours a day and things can be delivered here at the reception centre.

Skedsmo Reception Centre

200 families with children live at the reception centre. We need warm children’s clothing (preferably woollen) from the age of 1 to 15. We need white goods since these can be placed in the families’ rooms, so that they can prepare food themselves. Please note that stocks fill up fast, please do not deliver any donation without prior agreement. Agree in advance with Rizgar tel.46237000 before delivery.
Source: The Facebook group for Akershus.



Drammen State Reception Centre

Nothing needed at present.

Hemsedal State Reception Centre

3560 Hemsedal, Tel.: 85 00 05 00. Hemsedal State Reception on Facebook.

As a point of departure we need EVERYTHING: clothes, bedclothes, kitchenware.

Hvalsmoen State Reception Centre

P.O. Box 1060 Flattum, 3503 Hønefoss. Hvalsmoen State Reception Centre on Facebook

Prams/baby carriages and children’s clothing.
Delivery can be made to the reception centre (in daytime 15:30 hrs, call reception centre leader Tove Brorson at 92 05 75 54). For deliveries after 15:30 hrs the watch duty telephone may be called at 46 54 80 39 to arrange a time.

Ål State Reception Centre

3579 Torpo, Tel.: 32 08 33 03

Donations can be delivered to us between 09 and 12:00 hrs. We much appreciate people’s great involvement. Lately many people have delivered clothes, shoes and toys/games to the reception centre. Ål State Reception Centre has functioned for many years, and has much equipment. But we welcome all contributions; both for adults and children: Winter clothing, football boots/equipment, sportswear/footwear, bicycle helmets, reflecting vests, as well as prams/baby carriages and baby equipment.
Best regards, Keivan Pirzad, Reception Centre Leader



Alta Reception Centre

Needs: Unknown



Ringsaker Reception Centre

Needs: Unknown



Arna State Reception Centre

Arna State Reception Centre on Facebook

No direct needs. Arna Reception Centre has limited capacity to receive donations, but there is a supply of clothes etc. to the centre by a local second-hand shop called «Be Blessed». Please contact «Be Blessed» if you have donations.

Sund Reception Centre

Skogsleitet, P.O. Box 113, 5371 Skogsvåg, Tel.: 56 31 92 60

Volunteer drivers, warm clothing for use in kindergarten (coveralls, wool, Goretex, footwear, rainwear etc.), outer clothing, rainwear, footwear etc. for men, 30 new residences in Sund Municipality.

Møre og Romsdal


Ålesund Reception centre

Sundgata 8, 6003 Ålesund. Ålesund Reception Centre on Facebook.

Needs fishing rods, bicycles and tickets to various activities

Søre Sunnmøre Reception Centre, Section for Minors

Oshaugen 11, 6065 Ulsteinvik

Football boots size 41-45, indoor shoes for the gymnasium, used bicycles, bicycle helmets.
Need for volunteers: The reception centre wants volunteers to take small groups of youngsters to various activities in the local environment, e.g. mountain trips, fishing trips. Other activities like games evenings and activities along with local youth are also welcome. For the moment boys only.

Volda State Reception Centre

Needs are being updated on the reception centre’s Facebook page.



Lødingen Reception Centre

Sjøveien 7, Lødingen. Lødingen Reception Centre on Facebook.

Needs: Unknown



Grong Reception Centre

Grong Reception Centre on Facebook.

August 31 at 11:52am: Grong Reception Centre must increase the number of beds and we need living spaces; everything is of interest, particularly Mediå and Bergsmo. Harran is also of interest, but transport facilities are a challenge to us. We are particularly looking for rental accommodation, or small residences where small family units can live and have private lives. Urgent! Contact Vera tel. 41541686

Due to limited capacity we will not take in clothes and footwear for adults, and we would be very happy if gifts are categorized. Unfortunately we don’t always get usable things. We hope this is understood. We would like bicycles and things linked to babies: clothes, prams/baby carriages, winter bags and that sort of thing. Especially winter equipment. Another “gift” that is needed is people with time to share.

Leira Reception Centre, Levanger

Tel.: 74 01 94 00

We can always use clothing, toys/games and other things.
Volunteers: We have homework assistance at the reception centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 17 to 19 hrs, and we can always use extra hands then. We have also had volunteers to join in activities with the children at weekends, but we don’t have that any longer. We appreciate if you wish to contribute with any activities for the children as we do not have regular activities at the reception centre.

Namsos Reception centre

Tel.: 74 21 90 30. Namsos Reception Centre on Facebook.

The reception centre in Namsos has existed for many years, and we have a good deal of equipment, so the need here is not as great as you might imagine from the media. The residents here have stayed in transit reception centres first, and there they have received what they need in the way of clothing. This applies in particular to the adults. Nor do we have enough employees to handle large donations, and we lack storage space. Lately we have received a good deal of children’s clothes, so that need has been met pretty well now.
What we can see we need is prams/baby carriages (combi-carriages), skis with accompanying ski-boots, football boots, shin-pads etc. Sports equipment and baby carriages in other words.
We also need second-hand fishing-reels and fishing-rods, so if you have such things at hand we will most willingly accept them. Best regards Lise Marie Rønningen, Deputy Manager/Information Secretary/Settlement Manager



Torshov Transit Reception Centre

Vossegata 29 0475 Oslo, Tel.: 992 31 932

As of today unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to receive more toys/games, clothes or the like, as all our storerooms are full. Please contact Torshov Transit Reception Centre if you are interested in signing up as a volunteer, or contact Redd Barna (Save the Children) who organizes volunteers in the Oslo area (for Torshov, Refstad and Bjørnebekk Reception Centres).

Refstad Transit Reception Centre

Sinsenveien 76, 0586 Oslo

We need prams/baby carriages
To volunteer please contact the reception centre or Redd Barna (Save the Children) who organizes volunteers in the Oslo area (for Torshov, Refstad and Bjørnebekk Reception Centres).



Vang Reception Centre

tel. 61367660. Vang Reception Centre on Facebook.

At the reception centre we now have 11 ladies. They like to bake! However, our kitchen machine is “Kaput” (as they say). Is there anyone who has a machine available that they are not using, that they could sell cheap to the reception centre (or preferably give away). Get in touch with the reception centre at tel. 61367660 – ask for Trond.



Hå Reception Centre

Grenseveien 16, 4365 Nærbø, tel.: 51 43 62 60. Hå Reception Centre on Facebook.

Like all other reception centres in the country, at this time we are experiencing enormous pressure from volunteers who wish to contribute to asylum seekers and refugees at the reception centre.
Volunteers: What the residents themselves say is that most of all they want to have contact with Norwegians in daily life. Thus, we think that the best thing that those who wish to contribute should do is to be a good fellow citizen, spread positive attitudes, take the initiative to get to know them and invite them to activities outside the reception centre. All those who wish to involve themselves with minors must be able to show a valid police attestation. Financial contributions can be given to organisations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council which works actively to assist people fleeing where they are – the need for financial support is great. There is a considerable focus on helping Syrians, something that is important since the situation in Syria and its neighboring countries is so urgent, nevertheless it is important not to forget all the others located in the reception centres and who certainly have needs just as great.

In our reception centre we have about 15 nationalities. We have 40 minors from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia. We are only taking in clothes to the residents we have at this time; we do not want to store anything. We will not take in decorative items, flower-pots, old books and the like. At the moment we have enough toys/games for all the children living here.

These are on our asking list: Football boots for 40 youths aged 15 to 18 + our adults (size 39-44); many residents wish floor carpets for their rooms (which are in a good state and clean); pots and frying-pans; coffee sets (cups, plates etc.).
Warm clothes (Wool, winter jackets); bicycles in good condition and that do not need repair.

We ask that everything delivered is clean and in good condition, and that you think through your donations before giving them. Unfortunately we have to spend some time sorting out donations that are rejected at once. We would ask you who organize collections to be critical about what you accept and supply.
Should you wish to contact us, we would ask you to get in touch at and that nothing is delivered direct to the reception centre unless it has been agreed beforehand. Best regards from all of us at the reception centre. Thank you for caring!

Sandnes Reception Centre

Altonagata 12, Sandnes. Sandnes Reception Centre on Facebook.

Lately Sandnes Reception Centre has received many inquiries from private citizens who wish to contribute something positive to the asylum seekers at the reception centre. We wish to thank everyone for their positive attitude and involvement! Nevertheless, the situation is such that the reception centre does not have the capacity to store clothes and equipment or coordinate individual volunteers who wish to assist. So we would urge those of you who wish to contribute to contact local associations/groups/voluntary organizations, and via these, to collaborate on arranging for example excursions, activities, flea markets etc. Invitations to such events may be sent to the reception centre; then we can inform the residents about the events.

At the same time we would urge those of you who have good quality used clothing, sports equipment and footwear for boys between the age of 15 and 18 to contact the section manager of the Section for Single Minors. 30 active boys who need such equipment live there. Sandnes Reception Centre wishes soon to invite all our Facebook friends to an open day at the reception centre, where it will be possible to learn a little about how we work and how the asylum seekers reside and live.

Strand Reception Centre

Strand Reception Centre on Facebook.

September 1 at 5:56 pm : A number of our residents attend school, and wish to have writing-desks. If anyone in Strand Municipality has a writing-desk, bedside table or small table to give away, get in touch. Tel. 51740860. We will pick it up.:)
August 27 at 3:06 pm: Hero Strand Reception Centre wishes to rent a house with about 4 bedrooms from 1 October. Tel. 51740860 (0 8:30-15:30 hrs) or mobile 46925310.


Sogn og Fjordane


Høyanger State Reception Centre

Høyanger State Reception Centre on Facebook.

Updates 7 September 2015 (Follow the reception centre on Facebook for the newest updates!):
Thank you for all the feedback from those of you who wish to contribute clothes to newborn babies! That is incredibly moving. If there are more of you who wish to contribute, we have need of the following: Men: everyday clothing/warm outer clothing/footwear (GREAT need). Women: warm outer clothing/footwear (not normal indoor clothing or fine footwear). Children up to the age of 12: woollen underwear, rainwear/boots and outdoor suits/outdoor footwear. Children/youth: everyday clothing, outer clothing and footwear.
They can be delivered to us on weekdays between 12 and 15:00 hrs. Thanks in advance for your help.

Jølster Reception Centre

6847 Vassenden. Tel.: 40 55 48 89. Jølster Reception Centre on Facebook.

We need people who have time to spend. Going on walks, playing cards, fishing trips, hill-climbing, berry-picking, baking evenings. We also need: Bicycles for adults and children; volunteer drivers (we have a car with room for 8 passengers at our disposal). Volunteers who can accompany children on trips or contribute to other activities.
There is a great need for trainers, mountain boots, football boots in all sizes, and also for packets of vitamin D.

Årdal Reception Centre

Årdal Reception Centre on Facebook.

Needs: unknown

Førde Reception Centre

Førde Reception Centre on Facebook.




Jarlen Reception Centre

Trondheimsveien 3, Kyrksæterøra, Hemne Municipality. Jarlen Reception Centre on Facebook.

At this time we are expecting an inflow of refugees as do all other reception centres, and what we have experienced that we have need of bicycle helmets (children and adults), football boots (indoor and outdoor boots)/ shin-pads (adults and children) and skates. Gym shoes for the children who will be starting school.

Trondheim Reception Centre

Sandmofalta 6b, Trondheim. Trondheim Reception Centre on Facebook.



Porsgrunn Reception Centre

Contact details for Porsgrunn Reception Centre

Refugees who come to reception centres are having their cases treated, or they are to be settled. UDI and the reception centre will ensure that basic needs are met, such as a residence, clothing and food. The standard shall be sober but reasonable, says the State. The stipulated framework for the reception centre’s role in relation to the residents unfortunately means that we are not permitted to accept used toys/games and/or clothes to pass on. It is only the transit reception centres in Oslo that have a system for that. I would advise you to contact Sentrum Health Station, tel. 35 54 73 45, where health sisters Kjersti and Anne Lise are responsible for follow-up of children at the reception centre. I know that they have previously passed on second-hand things to families with children at the reception centre. It’s possible they have a need for something there. Due to the media attention that the refugee situation has created in Europe lately, we are experiencing an increase in the number of people who want to help. It is very good that people are getting involved!
Volunteers: It is our experience that those in reception centres have most need for contact with the local community participating in meaningful activities. That’s important. If you can invite people to take part in meaningful activities, preferably in organised sports or associations, this will help many to gain more meaningful contact with Norwegian society. If the settlement of refugees takes place quickly, there will be more vacancies in reception centres and the State will be able to accept more. Private citizens can also plead with politicians to get the municipality to accept more refugees for settlement.
Here at the reception centre in Porsgrunn we only lack 10-12 second-hand TV sets to meet the needs of increased arrivals. If you know someone who have an old TV set that still works, but is no longer in use, we would love to take it in! Good luck with your involvement!

Skien Reception Centre

Skien Reception Centre on Facebook.

Needs: unknown


Refugees Welcome to Troms coordinates collection and distribution. Join the group to contribute.

Elvemo Reception Centre for Single Minor Refugees

Skånlandveien 4456, 9440 Evenskjer, Tel.: 468 56 220

Here are young people from the age of 15 to 18, mostly boys but also some girls. They lack clothes and footwear, and there the sizes vary from XS up to XL on the male side. Female sizes vary from XS and L, depending to some extent on the sizes of clothing. We need women’s and men’s shoes for youth. (They use adult sizes.) The girls use ladies’ sizes and the boys use 39 up to 45. They also lack games and things that lead to indoor and outdoor activities.
Some of the residents would also like second-hand telephones, and they could do with some PCs that the residents could use.

Gibostad State Reception Centre for Single Minor Refugees

9382 Gibostad, Tel.: 488 49 3 00

Here are young people from the age of 15 to 18, mostly boys but also some girls. Here they have most things, but they certainly need some clothes, warm winter clothing for youngsters.
Our needs are as follows: Warm shoes/boots, men size 40 – 45 (EU); Warm shoes/boots, women size 37 – 40 (EU); Underwear for youth, 15 – 18 years (we only accept new underwear). All kinds of toiletries. School bags. Mittens, gloves, woollen underwear. Woollen socks size 40 – 45 (EU). Bicycles. Skis with matching boots. Carpets

Harstad State Reception Centre

Asbjørn Selsbanes gt 24, 9406 Harstad, Tel.: 77 00 09 80

The only things we currently need are coats and jackets for men.
Please get in touch with the reception centre at a later stage, as the needs may change.

Heimly State Reception Centre

Heimly Reception Centre on Facebook

At the moment we have more than we are able to handle.
Many of the residents have little social contact with Norwegians. They have contact with one another – some take part in voluntary work, but many just sit indoors. So what is certainly mainly ”lacking” is greater participation in Norwegian society. The reception centre needs volunteers who can organize and participate in social activates with the residents.

Målselv Reception Centre

Labergdalveien 23, 9470 Gratangen, Tel.: 479 276 20

Here clothing is needed – particularly winter clothing for women and men. Footwear and woollen garments are also something they willingly accept. We need boys clothes (aged 3 and 5) and girls clothing (aged 3).
These children need kindergarten clothing. Everything from woolly underwear, other woollen clothing, suits, rainwear, winter shoes, boots, woolly hats, mittens, well, everything a child in kindergarten needs.
This centre is also located far from shops and the like, so bicycles are something they really appreciate.

Setermoen Reception Centre

Most residents are men and need warm clothing: woollen underwear, warm jackets, trousers etc. They are men in the 20-40 age group, with most need of clothes in sizes M/L. They would also like football boots.
Volunteers: They want to learn Norwegian, and would appreciate visits. They would like to fish, so perhaps someone with a boat could take some of them along on a trip?

Sjøvegan State Reception Centre

Sandberganveien 2, 9350 Sjøvegan, Tel.: 77 17 20 99

Warm clothing is popular among our residents. That is for example: woolly hats, mittens, jackets, long underwear. For both children and adults. We also have many babies at our reception centre and need comfortable bags for our baby carriages.

Skibotn Reception Centre

9143 Skibotn, Tel.: 77 71 56 00

Here they have what they need of clothing and suchlike.
 If there is something they feel the need of, it is skiing equipment and bicycles. Volunteers: Social contact is something the residents here could have a need for, so just call and make an appointment.

Tromsø Reception Centre

There is need for volunteers.




Kasper Transit Reception Centre

Kasper Transit Reception Centre on Facebook.

Here at Kasper Transit Reception Centre we have a clothes store operated by the residents under the guidance of employees. In this store residents sell items of clothing, footwear and the like to other residents for 1 krone. This is then spent on social activities for residents. The store has limited space and at the moment it is full of “goods”. Kasper Transit Reception Centre will set out updates on needs on its Facebook page.

Veumalleeen State Reception Centre

Veum alle 13, 1615 Fredrikstad, Tel.: 69 36 72 30

Update per 7. September: When it comes to taking in clothes, we must now check out what we have received and where the need is, before we can take in more. The same applies to three-wheeler cycles, and small bicycles, but cycles from about the age of 10 to 12 are still needed. Many thanks to all who contribute! You deserve a hug all of you!

Mysebu State Reception Centre for Single Minors

Vandugveien 45, 1850 Mysen. Tel.: 69 89 90 40

Nice of you to help. Clothing is always needed. Young people often come with only one set of clothes, and the package of clothes they get from UDI is inadequate and of poor quality. Young people have many needs but trousers, jerseys, tee-shirts, underwear, socks, winter clothing and footwear are of particular interest.
As you can read on our daily blog we often have a ”beauty salon” for our girls. Equipment for this is desirable. Sporting equipment is also interesting. Especially football boots (indoor and outdoor) and other sporting equipment. There’s always someone present both in daytime and the evening, and on weekends, so you can deliver things whenever it suits you.

Hobøl State Reception Centre

Hobølveien 100, 1827 Hobøl. Tel.: 69924222/91657920

We have already received much clothing and equipment, but what residents themselves want for example are: Various toilet articles (shampoo, soap etc.); activity materials for children and youth (drawing pads, pencils, scissors etc., bicycles, bicycle helmets); leisure-time equipment for children and youth when for example they go on a school trip and spend the night outdoors (mattresses, sleeping bags, rainwear etc.).
Volunteers: Otherwise we are very happy to get in touch with people who can take one or more residents, preferably families, on a little car trip or another trip to Mother Nature or the like, in order both to familiarise them and make contact with Norwegians, see Norwegian natural surroundings etc. At any rate, as far as possible we wish to ensure that contact is made with residents whom we know personally, and know to be reliable etc.
Please feel free to get in touch. Best regards from Hobøl Reception Centre with the specially adapted section led by Olav Strand. Tel. No. 69924222/91657920

Ørmen Emergency Reception Centre

Ørmenveien 43, Fredrikstad (formerly Østfold Clinic)

The Red Cross, which assists the emergency reception centre at Ørmen in Fredrikstad, reports that as of now they have covered most of their needs, but hope that people who want to give something will be at the ready with things in the days and weeks to come. Further needs will be reported regularly in the form of a special list of needs.
If you have something you wish to give away right now, for example for reasons of space, you can send an e-mail to (Mark it Akuttmottak Ørmen)
Until then we recommend that people “wait and see” when it comes to giving away clothes etc. Unfortunately, there will be a great need for a long time to come.